Welcome to the Lionheart Foundation

"The secret
of life
is giving"

The Lionheart Foundation was initiated by people who wanted to hurry up with the assistance to the poor, homeless, victims of violence, addicted, children and adolescents. We help those socially excluded and marginalized. We want they to actively operate in a society based on the principles of mutual respect.

The Foundation achieves its goals by cooperation with economic operators, organizing collections and events. We also perform propagative and informative activities. The objectives of the Foundation are also financial and material assistance.

The Lionheart Foundation repetitively carries out the collection of clothing and other textiles. We collect clothes, underwear, tablecloths, blankets, quilts, bed sheets, paired shoes, and toys, as well as other textiles: handbags, rugs, curtains and drapes. Each of our action precedes the flyer posted earlier with Foundation's logo that contains the necessary information on how to prepare clothing intended for the donation and the exact date and time of receipt provided to the gifts. A leaflet contains a necessary telephone numbers on which you can find answers to you questions. Our cars are clearly marked with the logo of the Foundation. Drivers will be happy to help if you are not able to put bags in front of the building.