Our accomplishments

The main area of activity of the Foundation is a charity. Besides giving our hearts we wish to offer measurable assistance to needy, according to the maxim of Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

"If you have a lot - give a little, if you have a little - give more than nothing"

As far as we can we cherish the poor, primarily focusing our efforts on helping the homeless, unwed mothers and children in orphanages. As part of organized by the Foundation actions we give the needy material and financial support.

Through the collection organized by the Lionheart Foundation we support the poor whose financial situation does not allow for the purchase of even such basic items as clothing. We pass used clothes of good quality, such as pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, but not limited to it. Also blankets and quilts, towels, bed sheets. We pass clothing directly into the hands of those in need, or institutions which support such people.

We get gifts for free from the manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of used clothing and from individuals who decide to give clothing to help the needy. Thanks to your kindness, we can help the most disadvantaged.

The Lionheart Foundation supports many centers for the homeless, orphanages and homes for unwed mothers.

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